The world of performing art mourns another tremendous loss

As I’m sure you’ve already heard, the world of performing art and music lost another fledgeling genius yesterday when rapper Lil Snupe was shot twice in the chest and died shortly after being signed to a record contract.

And with this crushing blow, the rest of us left here on this side of the great dividing line between life and the afterlife can only speculate as to the enormity of loss to the world of music and art.

Lil Snupe, known as “Snupe” to his closest friends, waxed poetic about a wide range of vital, relevant, and sometime contraversial social topics, elucidating his rapidly-growing fan base on such issues as how he was “Headed str8 to the top

Bitch I’m headed str8 to the top
I’m headed str8 to the top, bitch

I wake up, roll up my blunt
You know I stay high as fuck
Pick my clothes out, Polo, I stay fly as fuck
I swear to God all you niggas better get yo shit straight
16 and runnin, checkout my shit, the hottest mixtape

Known for his penchant toward self-reflection, Snupe had a refreshing, lighthearted way of characterizing his own existential experience.

Man you better watch yo ho cus I swear I’ll get the bitch
Like I fuck my clique she gon fuck
All day and all night
It’s Lil Snupe, I’m the highest nigga, I stay out of sight
Out of mine nigga, I be on my grind nigga
I was born to shine nigga, you know it’s my time nigga

One of the things some of us will miss most of all is his tender approach to the subject of romance.

Yo bitch say she wanna get the dick tonight
I’m the nigga she wanna be with tonight
Show up, finna fuck er to some Kevin Gates
And make the bitch scream my satellite

Family members remember Snupe as a caring young man who loved sports.

‘Cus I’m ballin, ballin in the mix
Everything I done broke best believe I’m gon fix
I keep ballin, ballin in the mix
Only worried bout a dollar, can give a fuck bout a bitch
I keep ballin, ballin in the mix

Ever-aware of the dangers facing all successful artists, Snupe also reflected on his mortality and the potential for the loss of his own life:

Now we be flyin’, G55ers, we levitate
Cutting through time like “make a left at the Heaven gate”
These niggas forever hate, go get it, don’t ever wait
My niggas don’ t hesitate, you’re moving that medal quacker
A dead man, I had a method like I’m Redman
Now these bitches sweatin’ on me like a headband

I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that his originality, his creativity, and his urban wisdom will be missed. The passing of this young man represents yet another instance of artistic beauty snuffed out before its time. There is no doubt that he was years ahead of his time, a trailblazer of new musical direction, and most definitely not just another street-thug, dope-head, future criminal, egomaniac, gangster wanna-be, unoriginal, materialistic waste of fucking carbon and air that no one who has ever read a book would give a good god-damn about.

Much gratitude to Michael Martinez, CNN contributor, for his timely reporting and delicate handling of this very sobering news. If he hadn’t written this article, how would a nigga know? Is yoo stooopid, beeeyotch?


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